Mistakes Done When Recruiting and Retaining Nurses

The nursing industry has always been struggling with issues of retaining and recruiting skilled nurses. This is why you will find these professional making the same mistakes some of which are very disastrous. This guide is meant to offer practical solutions to the problems of retaining and hiring quality nurses.

Inadequate or poor staffing levels

You will find many hospitals or health care facilities struggling to retain their nurses. Some of the reasons which have lead to this include shortage of nurses and the rising healthcare costs. Again many people are not interested in this profession. There are many challenges which are experienced with the rising levels of inadequate nurse staffing. This has lead to increased stress levels, decline on job satisfaction and increased workload on the available staff members. This is mainly attributed to the high turnover. Even if many hospitals have always tried to maintain a proper nurse-to-patient ratio, this problem is always getting worse despite their efforts.

Nurses have ended up being frustrated and unhappy. The safety of the patient is also compromised, and they end up suffering. With the constant changing and all the complexities involved, a new approach is required in today’s health care environment. A proper nurse staffing ratio can be achieved by focussing on a multifaceted retention and recruiting plan. This can also be achieved by setting retention and recruiting targets as well as using proven long-term and short-term recruiting methods.

Cultural calamity

Different organizations have their own beliefs, attitudes, and values which define them and guide their practices. Most workers believe in the core values which strengthen their organizations and their co-workers. Any person who is not following the company culture will end up bringing down his or her morale as well as inhibiting the effectiveness of his or her nursing team. You can always strengthen the performance of your nursing team by ensuring that your organization is culturally aligned. This can boost long-term retention.

Lagging career opportunities and compensation

Any compensation package which does not keep pace with your competitors can lead to retention and recruiting problems. The term compensation has different meanings to different people. You should always make sure that your nurses are well compensated by offering them attractive bonuses, salary and time off or flex schedules. You can do this better by comparing what the competitors are offering. You should either exceed or match what they are offering to retain your nurses.…

Factors Considered When Searching For A Great Spa Deal

Your daily tasks and activities at home or work can cause severe body pains and drain your energy. This is the main reason why you find many people visiting spas treatment. Finding a spa near your area is easy. It is important to ensure that you choose a spa which is offering amazing deals. The factors outlined below will guide you in choosing a good spa.

Spa centers are different

Individuals opting for spa deals should know that spas are different. Even if spa centers offer similar services, you cannot find a center which is similar to another one. The quality of the service offered and the price charged is different. This means that you should spend some effort and a considerable amount of time when you are searching for a spa deal. The use of the internet can also help you in searching for amazing spa deals. You will always find the reliable companies which are using the internet as a means of targeting their clients.

Assessing spa experts

Individuals looking for spas should take time and assess the skills of the spa experts. This is an important factor which will ensure that your needs are properly matched. Furthermore, this will also help you in getting a better insight into the professional’s expertise. This will enable you to experience better spa deals and treatments.

Checking the services offered

A spa deal with great deal and packages can help you in reducing your expenses. It is therefore essential for the individuals looking for spa facilities to consider the different services offered at the available spa centers. Some of the centers are only focussed on wellness alone. The spas treatment center chosen should offer different services. A single place should offer different solutions.

Assessing equipment and facilities

When you are looking for packages and deals offered by the available centers, it is important to make you that you have assessed all the facilities. This will ensure that you get the best possible deals and treatments. Facilities which are well equipped with all the necessary tools are known for providing better features. To get the maximum benefits, it is important to make sure that all the facilities are assessed.

The tips discussed above are meant to guide you in finding the right spa deals. A good spa treatment should match your personal needs and budget. A good company will offer reliable spa treatments to its clients.


Otter Valley Winery – Vermont wine, wine tasting and Vermont cottages


Welcome to the home of Otter Valley Winery

Cottage # 15 nestled in the vineyard Nestled at the foot of the Green Mountains, Otter Valley Winery is going to officially open its doors on May 21, 2011. We are located on Route 7 in Brandon, half way between Rutland and Middlebury. Owned and operated by Stephen and Ursula Zahn, our almost 5 acre vineyard features variety of grapes: reds – Marquette, Frontenac, Frontenac Gris and St Croix and whites – LaCrescent and Frontenac Blanc. Farming grapes is both science and art, with gray areas of interpretation in each and our goal is to shepherd the fruit to its greatest expression using the tools of both. Combining meticulous winemaking practices and talent with a genuine love of the land and support for the Vermont wine community, Otter Valley Winery is capitalizing on the region’s potential to create world-class wines. Our goal is to make high quality wines that reflect the climate, soil and beauty of the state of Vermont.

We offer wine tastings and winemaker’s tours of our winery detailing each step of the wine making process. Stay and relax at Cozy Cottages . FREE wine tasting for Cozy Cottages’ guests.

We hope you enjoy our site and look forward to the chance to meet and clink glasses with you personally.


Stephen and Ursula Zahn

Otter Valley Winery
1246 Franklin Street (Route 7)
Brandon, Vermont
(802) 247 – 6644 or (386) 336 – 5104