The nursing industry has always been struggling with issues of retaining and recruiting skilled nurses. This is why you will find these professional making the same mistakes some of which are very disastrous. This guide is meant to offer practical solutions to the problems of retaining and hiring quality nurses.

Inadequate or poor staffing levels

You will find many hospitals or health care facilities struggling to retain their nurses. Some of the reasons which have lead to this include shortage of nurses and the rising healthcare costs. Again many people are not interested in this profession. There are many challenges which are experienced with the rising levels of inadequate nurse staffing. This has lead to increased stress levels, decline on job satisfaction and increased workload on the available staff members. This is mainly attributed to the high turnover. Even if many hospitals have always tried to maintain a proper nurse-to-patient ratio, this problem is always getting worse despite their efforts.

Nurses have ended up being frustrated and unhappy. The safety of the patient is also compromised, and they end up suffering. With the constant changing and all the complexities involved, a new approach is required in today’s health care environment. A proper nurse staffing ratio can be achieved by focussing on a multifaceted retention and recruiting plan. This can also be achieved by setting retention and recruiting targets as well as using proven long-term and short-term recruiting methods.

Cultural calamity

Different organizations have their own beliefs, attitudes, and values which define them and guide their practices. Most workers believe in the core values which strengthen their organizations and their co-workers. Any person who is not following the company culture will end up bringing down his or her morale as well as inhibiting the effectiveness of his or her nursing team. You can always strengthen the performance of your nursing team by ensuring that your organization is culturally aligned. This can boost long-term retention.

Lagging career opportunities and compensation

Any compensation package which does not keep pace with your competitors can lead to retention and recruiting problems. The term compensation has different meanings to different people. You should always make sure that your nurses are well compensated by offering them attractive bonuses, salary and time off or flex schedules. You can do this better by comparing what the competitors are offering. You should either exceed or match what they are offering to retain your nurses.